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There is no fee to see a physician at CMClinic, although we do require a referral from your family physician or specialist.

With your initial visit you will receive a consultation with a physician as well as a free introductory cannabinoid education session with one of our trained cannabinoid educators. 

After you and your physician determine that medical marijuana is right for you, you should never pay for a medical document (similar to a prescription) for medical marijuana.

CMClinic only accepts patients who have been referred to the clinic by their physician or medical specialist. After your physician completes the Patient Referral Form, CMClinic will contact you to make an appointment.

No, patients will be seen on a referral basis only. We do not accept walk-ins. Talk with your physician to see if you may be a candidate for prescription cannabinoids or medical marijuana and have them complete the Patient Referral Form.

Generally, a consultation with a CMClinic’s physician will last no more then 30 minutes. If a patient decides to utilize CMClinic’s additional services, the appointment can last between 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.

Prescription cannabinoids and medical marijuana have been shown effective in improving symptoms of aliments for which a number of first line treatments have failed. Symptoms included (but are not limited to) sleep issues, mood, pain management, appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Prescription cannabinoids and medical marijuana are not first line treatments for any of these conditions and will be considered only after these traditional treatments have failed.

If you have exhausted other therapies for disabling ailments and your physician refuses to refer you, please contact us.

At your first visit please bring the following:

  • A valid OHIP card
  • A pharmacy report of all current and past medications
  • If you have any additional documentation in your possession that would help the physician with your medical history, we encourage you to bring them to your appointment (for example, x-rays, CT Scans, MRI reports and letters from your specialists)

The Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) is the new set of regulations from Health Canada for growing, buying and selling medical marijuana in Canada. It outlines a system for doctors, patients and large-scale commercial growers. These growers are called Licensed Producers (LPs).

Under the new regulations, healthcare providers are the only individuals legally able to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. A physician can provide the patient with a medical document, which is similar to a prescription, which recommends the dosage and duration of time that marijuana be used.

To obtain access to medical marijuana, patients must send their medical document to a Licensed Producer, who will then send the filled prescription to the patient via mail or bonded courier. No prescription cannabinoids or medical marijuana is held on-site at the CMClinic.

The MMPR replaces the previous rules of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR), which were officially repealed on March 31, 2014.

No, under the new regulations you will no longer be allowed to grow for yourself or to designate someone to grow medical marijuana for you. If you already have a license to grow, a recent court injunction allows you to continue growing until the court case has been heard.

Patients wishing to access medical marijuana no longer need to contact Health Canada. Instead, the responsibility of authorizing patients falls entirely on physicians. In order to attain medical marijuana from a Licensed Producer (LP), patients need to have a medical document completed by a physician, which is similar to a prescription filled by a physician.

The medical document covers basic information including physician information, quantity required and duration of use. In this regard, it is similar to a prescription.

A sample medical document can be accessed on Health Canada’s  website.

If you qualify for medical marijuana, the physician will give you a prescription at the end of your appointment. The prescription can be sent to any Licensed Producer (LP) who will then send your medication by mail or courier.

If you qualify for prescription cannabinoids, the physician will give you a prescription at the end of your appointment. The prescription can be filled at your local pharmacy.

Traditionally it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to contact a License Producer (LP), complete the paperwork and receive your medical marijuana. If you choose to use CMClinic’s additional services, we can reduce the wait time to 5 days.

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The cost for medical marijuana is set by the individual Licensed Producers (LP). Current cost ranges between $3 and $12 a gram. Most patients will use less than 1 gram a day.

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Some prescription cannabinoids are covered by OHIP and private insurance companies.

Medical marijuana is not covered by OHIP and only under rare instances by private insurance. If you have private insurance or deal with Veterans Affairs our physicians can help with applying for coverage.

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